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We are a professional Mac repair service based in Central London. We repair Macs, iPhones, iPads and iMacs. Drop your device in for repair in our London Apple repair store or use our fast collection based repair service - 7 days!

Screen Repair

Hard Drive Repair

Trackpad Repair

Keyboard Repair

Speakers Repair

Wifi Repair

Bluetooth Repair

Liquid or Water Damage Repair

Charging Port or Magsafe Issue

Power Issue

Infection or Virus, Adware or Spyware

Data Recovery

Logic Board or Motherboard Repair

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What is mac repair service? Do I need Mac repair?

“I Repair Macs” provides the process for repairing a broken Mac. Several common problems can be solved with a quick repair: keyboard not working, trackpad not registering clicks, computer running too hot-too slow, the screen is not showing anything or the image is distorted and so on. We solve any number of Mac repair problems including cracked screens, keyboard repair, damaged trackpad, viruses and slow computers to Macs not turning on and liquid damage.

We can help with any Mac issue, big or small, end of the world emergencies to a planned hardware or software upgrade. . We specialise in hardware and software repair for iMacs, MacBook, iPhones and iPads – from the smallest to the biggest problems, and everything in-between.

We are “I Repair Macs” – London’s number 1 Apple Mac repair experts. We provide excellent services for Apple Macs, including all the popular Apple devices like MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and iMacs. Our friendly service has been available Apple repair sector for almost 15 years now.

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How do I get service for my mac?

You can access our Mac repair service either in-person by visiting our walk-in repair centre (our London repair shop address and map below), or by using our FREE (mostly) collection based repair service. It’s super-fast, and in Central London, we can normally collect Apple repair devices within 90 minutes of your call. Return delivery is all included in our service. It’s a true VIP Apple Mac repair service for Londoners!

Book your Mac repair by calling us on 020 3951 7818. Our Apple Mac repair London team are waiting to receive your call.

Alternatively, you can send an email, or if it’s an emergency e.g. you need Apple Mac screen repair fast, you can send a text to our Apple Mac repair centre number: 07790 383 383 or use our Mac repair app to book and schedule your Mac repair (UK-nationwide).

Whether you visit us, call, text or email us – you will need to contact our Mac repair London office to get your Mac service booked in for repair. Even though 90% of our Mac repair customers come through our website, we still love meeting people in person, so we encourage you to drop into our London repair workshop. No appointments are necessary.

Quick Mac repair quote?

Call our Mac repair technicians on the above number or complete the form below.

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Why not use our business collection service?

If you are a business based in London, why not consider using our FREE collection (and delivery) based Apple Mac repair service. It can often be faster, and it’s great for keeping Mac repair prices down.

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How do I get to the Mac repair centre?

Our Mac repair UK office address is below: 126 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4JQ.

We are less than a 2-minute walk from London’s Old Street underground station. Our London Mac repair service centre is very well located as it’s in the middle of 4 underground stations. We are also walking distance from Angel station, which makes us convenient for customers who need Mac repair London Bridge. The other two London stations near us are Farringdon and Barbican, which is next door to St Barts Hospital NHS Trust and Museum of London.


126 Aldersgate Street
London EC1A 4JQ, UK



Discuss Your Repair
020 3951 7818

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How much will my Mac repair cost?

Some people think that the cost for a Mac repair is always the same. However, that isn’t the case. To find out the estimated repair cost, one has to know what type of repair is needed and what Mac model it is. However, we have gone to extensive lengths to publish Mac repair prices and service fee for the most popular repairs in London.

We also publish Mac diagnosis service prices as well as popular repairs like: Mac air screen repair, Mac liquid damage repair, Mac drive repair and Mac Pro logic board repairs etc.

We regularly compare our prices against other Apple service providers that provide similar repair service options to us. You can view our Mac repair UK prices on our pricing page here.

  • Mac repair diagnosis prices
  • Mac screen repair cost
  • Mac hard drive repair prices and data recovery
  • Mac OS repair as well things like Mac screen repairs.
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Our Apple Mac or computer repair process

Our Mac repair in London can be broken down into three parts. The first part includes the initial diagnostic. This will help the technician identify what issue needs to be fixed, what it will cost if any parts will be needed and how long it will take.

Once they have done the diagnosis, they can get on with the repair. The second part includes a very useful list of what the technicians can do to help with the repair. The last and final step involves thorough testing and inspection. We don’t just inspection the repair issue, we check the whole Apple Mac computer.

You should also know, there will not be a charge if the issue is covered under warranty or if you have been sent to us by Apple or through their AppleCare programme. If you are a new customer of our Apple Mac repair service in London, then please rest assured that we quote before we start any work, and we will never start any job before getting approval from you. In most instances, we require written approval from you.

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Apple Mac repair London reviews

Trustpilot is one of the most reliable and trusted review websites. It is a good place to make check the reputation of any company or service. We would encourage you to look at our Mac repair reviews on TrustPilot.

If you visit our Mac repair ltd review page on TrustPilot, you will notice two things; we take customer satisfaction very seriously; secondly, we are a small Apple Mac repair centre, and we deliver a personal service.

We are not a large corporate company like Apple, so our customers get to know us by name, and we get to know them – which has been great for us, as we have hundreds of loyal customers who have been referred to us through Apple Stores in London (often informally) or Apple Authorised repair centres.

If TrustPilot isn’t enough, you should also check out our Google Mac repair review page. Here are just a handful of customer reviews from the thousands of customers we serve at our Apple repair service centre:

"I had my macbook repaired following a water spill. I had a very positive experience with the service. Ryan explained everything clearly, and the repair was done quite quickly. Thank you."
"I had Mac screen repair London service by Ryan and his team, and the repair was done fast at a great price"
"My MacBook was frozen, I had found an article online on how to repair Mac OS and managed to get myself stuck on Mac repair mode. The team at I Repair Macs came to my rescue and fixed it the same day! Amazing."
"I came across Ryan and his team at IRM by accident. I had been searching for Apple Mac screen repair costs and fell off my chair when I saw the price of MacBook Pro Retina screens on eBay! Ryan was very friendly and professional and explained the difference between fake and genuine screens and gave me a reasonable price for Mac screen repair. I am very glad I discovered their service."
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Our local Mac repair services available to you

Here are just some of the many repairs that we do every day:

We also repair Apple Mac devices for customers across the UK. So, we have Mac repair Edinburgh to Mac repair in Ipswich and even Mac repair in places as far as Belfast and Newcastles.

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What is your Apple Mac repair warranty?

Apple Mac Repair Warranty is included with all Apple Mac repairs provided by I Repair Macs London. It is included as standard, and there is no additional cost. Our warranty repairs are for customers who have had Mac repairs done with us in the past.

Most products will have a one year warranty, and many products including iPhone and iPad screen repairs will also have lifetime Apple Mac repair warranty. For example, if you have an iPad that needs to be fixed, the warranty would cover it if it is something that is covered by I Repair Macs Apple device repair warranty.

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FAQ: Most Popular Mac Repair Questions

Do you have a Mac repair store?

Yes, our Mac repair UK main office is on City Road, in between Old Street and Barbican station. Our Apple Mac repair centre has a walk-in or drop-off service, so you can bring your Apple Mac, iPhone or iPad in for repair.

Do you repair any other Apple Mac devices like iPhones and iPads?

Yes, we repair iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Mini’s.

How much does a full MacBook repair cost?

We have a published Mac repair prices for the services where it’s standard set pricing, and you can view our Mac repair specialist pricing page here: 

However, the price of most repairs will depend on the model and what needs to be done. It can cost as little as £50 to as high as hundreds of pounds. As an example, an original iPad retina screen for a 15″ MacBook Pro Retina model can easily cost £400 just for the part. You don’t have to take our word for it. You can check these prices on websites like eBay, which mainly have fake screens. It will still give you a good idea on how how much some Apple parts can cost.

How much is a MacBook Pro screen repair?

As a Mac repair specialist, we do Apple Mac screen repair, especially for retina display – almost every day. Similar to the above answer, Apple Mac screen repair cost UK wide will vary depending on model and part cost. It is particularly expensive for retina display screens.

However, Apple Mac screen repair part prices will be the same, like someone doing Mac repair in Newcastle to someone doing Mac repair in Sheffield. The labour prices will vary a little based on the reputation of the Apple Mac repair store. But, the bottom line is the Apple Mac screen repair prices for the parts as it is more or less the same nationwide.

Do you do Mac mini repair?

Yes, we repair all the current models of Apple Mac Mini’s. We also repair MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone and iPads. Please email us the serial number or model number of the Mac mini repair device.

How many Mac repair stores do you have?

We service all our customers from our Central London store. We believe in keeping costs down, and having multiple stores means higher overheads, which get passed on to our customers. And we never want that, as nobody benefits.

We can cover all of London from our central location by using our very own Apple Mac repair store scooters to collect equipment for repair. It’s quick and convenient.

We can typically collect an item for repair within 90 minutes and repair it, e.g. Mac screen repair or an iPhone screen repair, and then send it back out to the customer to receive – good as new. Amazingly, all of it, the collection, the repair, and the delivery back, was all done within a few hours.

Our Mac repair customer reviews have been amazing for the collection based repair service because people love it. It is convenient as you don’t have to leave your home (or workplace). We do everything for you – from start to finish. What’s not to love!

If you are asking as we Apple Authorised repair centre? The quick answer is no. We are NOT an Apple authorised repair centre and we DO NOT want to be – for obvious reasons. In the UK (and most likely the USA as well), as much as 99% of repair shops that focus on Apple Mac repairs are not Apple authorised. They are what we class as independent repair shops. This means we can decide our own prices.

Apple does not decide what we can or cannot charge our customers. You will find independent Apple repair store prices can sometimes save you as much as £300 compared to Apple store or Apple authorised stores.

This is not an exaggeration, as you will see in this example. At the time of writing, iPad 4 screen repair at Apple stores cost £292.44. The same repair will cost you £60 or less with us. You will save at least £232 with us. However, to give you a balanced perspective, a small proportion (less than 10% of repairs) can cost the same as the Apple store, and this is often to do with part prices.

iPad screen repair prices with Apple store:

Is your Mac covered by AppleCare+?

“AppleCare+ is an insurance policy covering you during the policy period for repairs of or replacement your covered Apple device (Apple Watch, HomePod, iPad including Apple Pencil, iPhone, iPod or Headphones) in the event of accidental damage or battery depletion and it gives priority access to telephone technical support from Apple.”

AppleCare+ is similar to accidental damage protection insurance. It can protect your Apple devices in the event of physical damage. Some customers get confused between AppleCare and AppleCare+ (the plus) as they are not the same. You would normally pay for AppleCare+. It’s not cheap, so you should know if you have paid for it. If you have AppleCare+ we would encourage you to contact Apple directly for support to see if your policy is valid and if they can help you. If Apple cannot help you without incurring additional costs, then we would advise to contact us or any other independent Apple Mac repair shop for advice or a quote.

Do you provide a battery replacement service?

If you’re experiencing an issue with your battery, your Mac notebook may not require a repair. Batteries have limited life, so most Mac batteries will need to be replaced at least once in their lifetime. Contact us with your MacBook model number or serial number and we can give you a quote for Mac battery replacement.

What does liquid damage mean for your Apple Mac computer?

Liquid damage is when water gets into the computer and damages some of the inside parts. This can happen from spilling a drink on your laptop or from a leaky sink, for example.

Liquid damage is one of the most common causes of computers breaking down, since water can get into many of the different parts that make up your computer. It often goes unnoticed and can be difficult to repair depending on how severe it is.

When liquid gets in, there are two major ways it can cause problems:

Apple Mac repair shops can use various chemicals/methods and tools to aid in liquid damage repair. However, it’s important we receive the device as soon as possible, as liquid damage repair is time critical. Please call us immediately on 020 3951 7818 if you have had a liquid incident with your Apple Mac.

Get in touch if you need Apple Mac repair.

Call 020 3951 7818 or Text 07790 383 383