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 There is no pretence with us. We are a small independent Apple repair business with a shop in Central London.

We pride ourselves in providing a high quality service with a personal touch.


Customers who use our service, tell us they come to us for two mains reasons: our reputation/reviews and or integrity and to get the accurate one-to-one personal service, someone they can trust, and for that rare substance called accountability.

We are not like other repair service businesses. We take on a few jobs on every day, and we have no plans on growing the repair business. So you will never be a number to us.

At a time when “traditional” high-street based repair shops are dying out (I realise this may be hard to believe for some), we have managed to still survive on the high-street in Central London. We continue to exist on the high street due to the support of our loyal and regular customers. So, thank you.


Your Mac Experts 



We live in times when there is very little trust, and often rightly so, there so many dodgy outfits cowboys that has plagued the repair industry for many years now. We have more security than almost 99.9 per cent of repair businesses in the UK. Firstly, any equipment that comes into our business stays at the shop which has 24 video recording, so everything that is done is recorded (including voice). Secondly, and this is the most important, I (Ryan N) have Enhanced DBS (formerly known as CRB) check done on me. Often people who work with children or vulnerable people need it for background check etc. I got it done because I also do some work in education. You can find out more about DBS checks here from the website.

By the way, I also used to work for SunGard AS (for my sins), many years ago, which has meant having to be background and security checked, because they used to have clients which included MoD (Ministry of Defence), the Metropolitan Police and most of the major banks in Western Europe and North America. I hope this all goes to show that your device with someone who has had more security checks than 99.99 percent of computer repair businesses in the UK.

We are a registered limited company in England & Wales, Mac Surgery Ltd, Company Registration Number: 11654983



We have a very secure collection and delivery service for devices. The collection and delivery is done either by our trusted couriers on bikes (scooters or motorbikes, sometimes bicycles) or me (Ryan N). Its often me more often than not. As I said its a true one-man-band ;)

If I come, I will almost always have ID with me, often multiple ID’s including photo ID.



A big thank you to my/our regular customers for your best wishes. If you are new to our site or new to this business, a common question we get is "why do we see customers by appointment?"

This is a tiny business, what some people call one-man-band. It wasn't always like this. The last year has been eventful for me, many life-changing things happened to me, including being hospitalised for a bit, and getting a long-term diagnosis and treatment. The health issues and other reasons have made me take stock and strike a balance between work/life. So because of various reasons (many reasons), I now see customers by appointment and take a few jobs on a day.

If you are a customer, you truly benefit, as I have no intentions of growing this business, it also means I take on fewer jobs, which in turn means you get more of my time. You get a new-level of one-one-service that you won’t get anywhere else, that is more or less disappearing from most service businesses in the UK.

You should also know that I still work five days a week, and the response of diagnosis and or repair is super fast compared to any other repair service company!